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Doll Group

Blossom Quilting will be the gathering place for our Doll Group meeting. It will be held on the 3rd Monday of each month. During our first doll meeting, we will mutually agree on things we want to do, what we want to learn and how we will run our little ?FUN? group. I sincerely want everyone to enjoy this adventure! No stress, just fun and the enjoyment of sharing and learning. There is no cost, other than your time. This is not a ?class?, but rather a path into the world of dollmaking and creativity. There is no criteria other than a positive and fun attitude! Blossom Quilting will be opening it?s doors on a day they are normally closed so we may meet and at no cost!! They have a huge supply of fabrics and if our group needs anything special, they will do their best to have it available. There will be someone available in case we want to purchase anything. Feel free to bring a snack. I will be bring some ?Doll Stuff? to share and to give to you all. Penni

Tuesday Afternoon Open Sew

Bring your machine and projects for a fun gathering of sewing & socialization from 10am - 4:00pm. $15 with a $5 store credit that has to be used that day on product.

Urban Star Cottage

Urban Star cottage Quilt. Learn the tips and tricks on this amazing star quilt with Janice

May 28
Tuesday Afternoon Open Sew
Jun 1
Highland Cow
Jun 4
Tuesday Afternoon Open Sew

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